6-PACK Wild Life Adventure Kits (Kits 1 -6)


This 6-pack comes with kits 1-6 with 6 months of curriculum, all the tools, gear, and supplies you need to take your education outdoors.

  • No. 1 Bear Essentials
  • No. 2 Into The Night
  • No. 3 Lead The Way
  • No. 4 Take Cover
  • No. 5 Safe And Sound
  • No. 6 Go Boldly

Each kit contains 3-5 quality outdoor tools or gear, supplies for a nature craft, a collectable merit pin and activity cards with over 10+ hours of skill building education, games and nature crafts.

Every kit also comes with a parent guide that provides a  monthly lesson plan.

These kits do not auto-renew. You will be charged shipping at checkout, 6 kits will ship together directly to your doorstep. 


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