The Wild Life Adventures team is THRILLED to be chosen as the winner of the 2022 A Year of Boxes Subscription Box Awards for "BEST KIDS BOX". 🏆  Congratulations to the entire Wild Life Team & Founders on this amazing accomplishment. We are committed to creating fun family outdoor activities so that kids and families can easily find things to do outdoors with family.

Best Kids Subscription Box 2022

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"Wild Life Adventure Kits is a subscription box that inspires outdoor play and exploration. Each kit has 3-4 quality outdoor items and 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games and nature crafts. It is ideal for families looking for ideas to play more outdoors. Built for the backcountry or backyard. These family activities boxes and outdoor kits help you to explore the outdoors while learning life-skills like navigation, shelter building, first aid and outdoor cooking."

-A Year of Boxes Subscription Box Awards

Best Kids Subscription Box Outdoor Adventure Kits for Kids Wild Life
In the 4th Annual Subscription Box Awardsthings start off with a 2 week nomination round, followed by a 2 week voting round once we have narrowed it down to 3 nominees per category.

If you are new to subscription boxes and looking for a box to get you started you can’t go wrong with any of the subscriptions on the winner's list. And if you are an outdoor group, homeschool family or just an outdoor family looking for kids outdoor activities - this is the box for you. They were nominated and selected by your peers, meaning they have been tried, tested and approved!

If your outoor family is looking for fun family activities, look no further. Wild Life Outdoor Adventures has created the BEST KIDS SUBSCRIPTION BOX of 2022.

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