From the Wildlifers: How to Spend a Summer in Quarantine

The quarantine summer might be unlike any of the ones we are used to - but it’s probably very similar to the summers of our childhood. With limited travel between provinces and internationally, parents might be hard-pressed to find ways to occupy kids (it doesn’t help that most summer camps are limiting capacity, or not running at all). 

Here are some ideas of how to spend your family summer together, even when you have to stay put. 

Try Kayaking

Kayaking is a great activity that keeps you active while maintaining the social distance requirements of quarantine. Some popular lakes have kayak rentals that make it easy to get your toes wet if you don’t own your own. You can also look at buying a used kayak, or borrow one from your friends or family. Just remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and water with you! Challenge your kids to a kayak race or a paddle-off to keep things fun.

Try Your Yard

If you’ve never camped before, or you find yourself lacking some gear, give backyard camping a try. Use Kit #2 “Into the Night” to try some after-dark exploration activities and games, including your very own star reader. Camping in the yard means you always have access to the comforts and essentials of your home, but it’s still an adventure. Grab the marshmallows, and tell some stories by the campfire!

Try Finding Your Way

If you have access to the woods or a district park, grab Kits #1 and #3 and go on a family hike. Keep the kids entertained by asking them to navigate in a specific direction, mark their trail, collect nature capsules, spot wildlife and more! Break for a picnic lunch and make some fairy houses out of branches, leaves, twigs and flowers. This is how unforgettable memories are made!

Create a Nature Home

Challenge your kids to curate a nature museum exhibition on a topic of their choice. Use poster boards, nature finds, cut-outs and stuffed animals and nature sound recordings to create a multi-sensory exhibit. Then break out the popcorn and settle down for a family nature-themed movie. 

A little bit of imagination and creativity can go a long way - before you know, a summer full of wonderful family memories will be behind you! What do you have planned for your summer staycation?

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