Get Outside and Enjoy Easter Fun This Year!

Easter is just around the corner and this year, why not ditch the traditional basket hunt for something a little more adventurous? Instead of having your kids search for eggs indoors, why not try some outdoor Easter activities that will keep them active and engaged. From the classic egg scavenger hunt to creating an Easter-themed obstacle course, there are plenty of ways to make this Easter memorable for your family.

Egg Scavenger Hunt

The classic egg scavenger hunt is a great way to get everyone outside and give your kids something fun to do. You can hide plastic eggs or real eggs (hard boiled, of course!) in various places around your yard or even at a local park.

Give each child (or adult) a basket or bag to collect their eggs and let them loose on the hunt. If you want to add some extra challenge, you can include clues inside some of the eggs that lead to other hidden eggs or special prizes.

Easter Themed Obstacle Course

If you’re looking for something more interactive than an egg hunt, why not create an Easter themed obstacle course? This activity requires a bit more planning but it can be tons of fun for the whole family. Set up different obstacles like jumping over bunnies or hopping with one foot through lily pads made from construction paper.

You can even incorporate creative tasks like trying to identify different types of chocolate candies without tasting them first! Make sure there's a grand prize waiting at the end—like chocolate bunnies or jelly beans—to really get everyone motivated.

Organized Games

If you’re looking for something low key yet still interactive, you can organize popular games like egg races, where players carry hard boiled eggs on spoons as they race against each other; or an egg toss where teams stand at opposite ends of the yard and toss water balloons back and forth until one team misses catching it.

For younger children (or adults!), try playing bunny hop tag, which is similar to regular tag except instead of running around freely players must hop around like bunnies while they try to avoid being tagged by others.

This Easter season, have some fun outdoors with these exciting activities! Whether it’s an egg scavenger hunt, creating an obstacle course with an Easter twist, or playing organized games such as bunny hop tag – these activities will bring out smiles all round and make this holiday one your family never forgets! So take advantage of the warmer weather this springtime and enjoy some quality time together outside in nature - Happy Easter!

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