6 Tips on How to Lead Kids to Learn about Fire Safety

It is quite important for parents to ensure that kids learn about fire safety. Whether we are cooking out on the grill, enjoying a bonfire, or simply taking a walk in the park, being aware of fire safety is always important.

Take a look at these six tips on how to lead kids to learn about fire safety:

1) Teach How to Call Emergency Services

One important thing to do is to teach your children how to call emergency services in case of fires. Show them how to call 911 and describe the details they must give the dispatcher. It is a good time to review your family’s emergency plan and ensure everyone understands what to do and where to go in case of a fire.

2) Instruct Them to Seek Help in Case of Fires

In addition to calling emergency services, reiterate and teach your children and instruct them to seek help in fire cases. It is important that they should avoid attempting to put out a fire themselves, and it should include how to safely evacuate the premises and who to call for help.

3) Point Out a Safety Area for Them to Go To

Speaking of evacuation, having a designated meeting spot outside of the home will help ensure that everyone makes it out safely, and the children should also be well aware of it. This area should be a safe distance from the house, away from any windows, and should be away from flammable objects for a more accessible exit.

4) Practice the Stop, Drop, and Roll Technique

In the event of a fire, your children must know how to stop, drop, and roll. This is a simple technique that involves stopping, dropping to the ground, covering your face, and rolling until the fire is out. Your kids should practice this often until they fully know how to use the technique correctly.

5) Have Outdoor Activities That Promote Fire Safety

Outdoor activities are a great way to teach your children about fire safety. For instance, setting up an obstacle course that requires children to crawl through a low tunnel to teach them the importance of crawling under smoke or a marshmallow roasting activity to teach them how to put out the fire and other flammable objects. Consider taking inspiration from other forms of play and exploration. 

6) Set and Showcase Smoke Alarms and Detectors

Show your children where your smoke alarms and detectors are located so that they will recall what to look out for in case there are signs of a fire. Teach them how to test the alarms and detectors and what to do if they go off. Furthermore, test the alarms frequently to make sure they are functioning properly.


As a parent, you are responsible for educating your children about fire safety and how to act in the event of a fire. You can make sure your kids are prepared for a fire emergency by using the tips given beforehand.

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