How Wild | Lifers are Exploring, Learning and Staying Connected

The world seems to be on pause, but we are inspired by the ways our Wild | Lifers are growing, exploring and staying connected in this difficult time.

There is a lot going on right now, and our heart goes out to our community of parents, grandparents and other family members who are coping with uncertainty, stress and the added responsibility of home-schooling. We are so proud of all the incredible ideas and brave spirit that our community is sharing with us that we decided to share some of their tips and tricks on how to get through this bizarre and challenging time.

Embrace Outdoor Activities

We are seeing some simple, but creative ways to engage kids outside. For example, Wild | Lifer Mirnashared how she and her son enjoyed a walk in the forest, scavenging for nature artifacts to turn into an art project once they returned home.

Forest Walk Nature Scavenger Hunt with Kids

Mirandashared photos of her young girls using their imaginations and playing Queen of the Hill on a snow-covered grass mound.

Young Kids Outdoor Adventures

Take advantage of your kids’ infinite imaginationsand get them going with an idea or a story - they’ll happily take it from there for hours of outdoor fun. If you prefer a bit more guidance, then our Bear Essentials outdoor kit is for you - it comes with plenty of age-appropriate outdoor activities that will draw your kids outside again and again.

Look for Joy in Moments of Positivity

We recently asked our community to share the moments of positivity that are helping them get through the days (and weeks) of quarantine. We shared a giggle with Jenellewho posted photos of dressed-up snowmen.

Outdoor Adventure Nature Snowman with Mask

Heathershared the joy of seeing kids being kids - climbing trees and enjoying family walks. Mirandaspoke for many of us when she shared how she’s taking some time to be present and stay in the moment by choosing to use her camera rather than her phone. And Innais finding joy in getting to spend quality time getting to know her young daughter.

Blend the Classroom

Kids are constantly learning - not just when sitting at a desk or in front of a screen. Blend and flip the classroom by finding learning opportunities in play and exploration. Our members have shared multiple bingo cards and scavenger hunt printable worksheets that will keep kids on their toes during family walks or backyard play sessions. If you’re looking for inspiration, our activity cards are curriculum-based, and designed to drive incidental (i.e. informal, but still valuable) learning.

Stay Social

Whether you’re sharing a stunning sunrise photo like Cheryl,

Outdoor Adventure Sunrise Walk Kids Nature

talking about your family hike plans like Kirk, or showing off your most loyal pawed outdoor companions like Gezelle,

Outdoor Adventure Dogs

there is a welcoming space of like-minded, adventure-inspired folks in our Facebook Group. Join our community and let’s be #alonetogether #jointhewildlife.

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