Some Valuable Outdoor and Camping Skills to Teach Your Kids

While camping as a family can be a terrific way to bond and educate kids about independence, it can also be a useful teaching tool for outdoor safety. Most kids do their best learning when they aren't even trying to! The time spent outside as a family is also ideal for training.

That said, consider these outdoor safety skills for kids before taking them on a camping trip.

  • Setting up a Tent

The very first camping skill your children need to learn is how to pitch a tent. The key to survival in the wilderness is having a safe place to sleep.

A pup tent or lightweight four-person tent is a good choice to get started with. Before camping, you may have them practice in the backyard, then move them up to the larger 10-person-sized tent.

  • Starting a Campfire with or without Matches

The ability to manage fire is the second most crucial skill for your children to acquire. Show your kid how to make a fire in the woods, whether with matches or not. The use of fire is essential for survival since it may be used for three main purposes: heating, cooking, and disinfecting water.

Initiate fire-making instructions by showing them where to get tinder and how to stack fuel. The next thing to do is to show them how to use a barbeque lighter and then some matches to build a fire in the camp. After they have mastered that, you can introduce them to alternative ways, such as using flint and steel or a homemade fire starter.

  • Navigating the Woods

Any parent's worst camping nightmare is their child getting lost in the woods. Indeed, it is a very reasonable concern that no parent would ever want to go through.

If your kids learn the fundamentals of forest navigation, they'll have a much greater chance of getting back to safety if they ever get lost.

Hiking paths are a great place to practice basic navigation skills. Instruct them in the use of a trail map. You can then progress to teaching them more advanced navigation techniques, such as how to read and use a compass, as their skills improve. Children of school age and up may even study celestial navigation.

  • Hiking Safely

In addition to teaching your children how to get about, you should also teach them how to stay safe while hiking. Both children and adults can get hurt when hiking if the hiker doesn't know what they're doing or isn't familiar with the location.

The risks of injury in the woods are numerous and varied, including tripping and falling, breaking bones, being attacked by a wild animal, etc. On your next camping trip, take the kids off the beaten path into the woods to teach them about outdoor safety. Also, be sure to instruct children on how to recognize potential threats like snakes, bears, and deep water when walking.

  • Finding Food in the Woods

If your children ever get lost or must spend time in the woods for any other reason, it is crucial that they have access to food and water.

They should be taught how to forage for food as a means of subsistence. Instruct more mature kids on how to make a simple fishing rod and snare. This will make it easier for them to catch fish or small wildlife while hunting securely.

Finding clean water and learning how to make it drinkable are two of the most vital water-related skills. You or your child will be thankful you practised and learned these abilities if you ever find yourself in a situation where you may deliberately need them.


Indeed, teaching your kids some valuable outdoor and camping skills is a great way to help them connect with nature and also to prepare them for potential emergencies or survival situations. Some key skills to teach them include orienteering, building a fire, and camping basics like pitching a tent and cooking food. With a bit of practice, your kids will be able to enjoy the great outdoors safely and confidently.

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