Partner Feature: Stick-Let's - Reconnecting us with the outdoors!

Finding The Right Partners

When we first set out to create outdoor adventure kits in 2019, we found it difficult to find quality, creative, kid-centric tools and gear. So when we came across Stick-Let's, we were excited to create a partnership.

Stick-Let's are rubber joints that aim to help children, families, and adults reconnect with nature through imaginative and open-ended play. They are flexible, durable, reusable, weather-resistant silicone connectors. There are no rules to how you use them!  


What drew us to Stick-Let's was a search for kid-friendly tools that would inspire shelter-building activities. Stick-Let's are simple, incredibly durable and so much more than a tool to build forts. It's also important to us at the Wild Life to partner with like-minded, purpose driven brands - we loved the origin story of Stick-Let's and their purpose to help reconnect people with nature and the outdoors. Female owned and led, Christine Kazakiais a mama and industrial designer who invented Stick-Let's because she believes that toys should be open-ended, intuitive, forgiving, gender-neutral, and driven by imagination. Her passion for play-based learning and nature, empowered her to create tools that help reconnect children with the great outdoors. 

Christine Kazakia

Exploring New Tools

When we first got our hands on a package of Stick'Let's rubber connectors we tested them out on a variety of activities, and we realized just how versatile they are! We partnered with Stick-Let's for our "Take Cover" Kit No. 4 that highlights shelter building, fun with forts, and natural building materials.

We are so proud to call them a partner, and love what they bring to this kit. Subscribers also get access to an exclusive promo code to buy more Stick-Let's!

Stick-Let's Wild Life Outdoor Adventures Fort Building Kids Outdoor Toys

Although we pride ourselves on creating and sourcing the most fun and unique outdoor gear, tools and toys, where our kits stand out above the rest is in the "pack-tivity cards" we've created for each kit. Stick-Let's are a great example of a versatile outdoor tool that is not only fun but educational.

Stick-Let's Fort Building Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

How to build a Debris Trellis

How To Build a Debris Shelter; Take Cover Kit No. 4 - Pack-tivity Card No. 1 Wild Shelters 

As we continued to play with our Stick-Let's and develop further kits, we realized just HOW MUCH you can do with just 3 Stick-Let's connectors. We even figured out to build a camp chair!

Stick-Let's Camp Chair

A garden trellis for growing vertical gardens or supporting plant growth.

Stick-Let's Garden Trellis

We created a stick structure and wrapped it in netting, then planted flowers and plants that grow vertically in hopes to create a "living fort".

Stick-Let's Living Fort

Outdoor Tools and Gear Built To Last

One of the things we are really proud of at Wild Life is that our kits build on each other and we go back and reference high-quality, creative tools again and again. So although you receive your Stick-Let's in Kit No. 4 "Take Cover", you'll see reference to them again and again in future activity cards!

SIY Sling Shot with Stick-Let's

How To DIY a Sling ShotGo Boldly Kit No. 6 

Vertical Garden with Stick-Let's

Use your Stick-Let's to create a Vertical Garden; Let It Grow Kit No. 7

Water Filtration Tripod
Create a Tripod Water Filter; Cookout Kit No. 8

We have been blown away by the creativity that Stick-Let's have inspired, in our Wild Life community and within our own families. Our kids from 4-14 have all enjoyed hours of outdoor play with Stick-Let's. Our community and subscribers have loved them so much, we have brought in a 10-piece expansion pack which you can buy from our Gear and Apparel Shop. Can't wait to get your hands on some Stick-Let's to try them out? Click here to buy the 10-Piece Camo Stick-Let's Expansion Pack.

Stick-Let's 10 Piece Camo

Stick-Let's is our Partner Feature this month - make sure you follow Stick-Let's and Wild Life on social for a fun give-away.If you have an idea or suggestion for great partnerships, please contact us!



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