Things to Do to Prepare for a Family Hiking Trip

As a parent and an adult, you must know the many benefits of being outdoors. At the same time, hiking with children is an excellent activity to get them acquainted with nature. To keep things fun, exciting, and adventurous but safe, you must prepare your family for what lies ahead.

Read on to discover some things you can do to prepare for a family-friendly hiking trip.

Choose a Family-Friendly Hike

Choose a hike that is neither too long nor too tough the first few times; for children, it is all about the experience. Choosing a trail with attractions like a lake, stream, or waterfall will keep children occupied and give them an objective. The journey is more important than the destination. If your child is more interested in exploring the underbrush, let them; there will always be another opportunity.

Get Ahead of Planning

Children have an insatiable urge to touch and study everything. Hiking is fantastic for children since there is so much of the natural world for them to discover and understand. Make sure they have time to explore.

Pack Clothing, Accessories, and Tools

This holds true for all hikes, regardless of age. Pack the ten essentials. Wet wipes or tissues, lip balm, binoculars, a magnifying glass, field guides, a camera, and a safety whistle should also be included for each child (and teach them what they are for and when to use them).

Always carry extra clothing for your youngster if he or she becomes cold during the trip. You may also pack windproof and waterproof clothing, for extra measure.

Schedule Energy Breaks

Hiking is an exhausting activity. Tired children are typically grumpy. Provide frequent pauses for fluids and meals to keep your toddler motivated. "We'll eat a snack at that footbridge," you can offer to keep your toddler moving. They will be able to continue after digesting this stuff. Pack a variety of snacks if your child is a finicky eater.

Delegate Leadership Roles

Children appreciate being in authority from time to time. As such, allowing the youth to lead the hiking group might empower them individually and collectively. Rotate leadership to give everybody a sense of pace, camaraderie, and teamwork.

Play Games

Indeed, you can make things both motivating and amusing for children. Make outdoor activities fun for your kids by playing games that involve spotting wildlife signs or counting the number of flowers. Instruct them to seek objects that are rough, stinky, small, large, living, damp, and so on!

Know When to Use Positive Reinforcement

This is a skill that parents have, so bring it with you. Even if they aren't, tell your youngster that he or she is hiking well, looking strong, and moving rapidly. After all, both kids and adults need to know they're doing well, especially if it's their first time hiking.

Teach Earth-Friendly Practices

Because children are the future stewards of our public lands, we should start educating them as soon as possible. Introducing the "load it in, pack it out" concept and using a gallon-sized plastic bag with a zip-top works great. Give each youngster a little trash bag and have them pick up trash on their way back to the car to reinforce this lesson. 

Make It a Habit

After spending so much time indoors during the week, hiking on the weekend is a great way to get kids outside. As such, make family hikes a monthly ritual. This will give you and your children something to look forward to on a regular basis.


There’s no better way to teach youngsters to appreciate and respect the environment than bringing them on a nature-centric trip. Now that you know what you can do to enjoy as a family while engaging in the outdoors, you’ll be sure to create lasting memories!

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