Reflecting on 2023 and Exciting Updates from Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

New Year, New Routes

Dear Wild Life Supporters,

As I (finally) write our inaugural newsletter, I share with you a year that was packed with experiences, growth, and challenges. Join me in revisiting the year that passed, delving into our milestones, addressing the hurdles, and peeking into the horizon that promises new adventures and opportunities.

Recap of 2023

Looking back on Wild Life Outdoor Adventures' journey in 2023, I'm reminded of the moments that shaped our company and my personal growth. In the beautiful wilderness, I had amazing wildlife encounters that inspired new adventure packages. These experiences made me think: have we really ignited your passion for the outdoors? I believe we have, and I'm proud of how we've created a community where curiosity and friendship flourish.

This year was about personal milestones too, parenthood has urged me to rethink the spaces we provide children to grow, learn, and lead. It's not just about the 'what' of our kits and guides but the 'why'—instilling a love for the environment, curiosity for the unknown, and a yearning for adventure. I've had the privilege to witness the impact first-hand, with my daughters, who at 6 and 2, have become ambassadors of outdoor exploration in their own right.

In the professional world, we made a decision to start wholesaling our products as well as selling direct through our website. This boosted our presence from 20 boutique shops to an impressive 300+ retail stores across North America. The support and excitement we received exceeded our expectations, showing that outdoor exploration is as important as ever to our supporters, partners, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs who believe in our vision.

Our Vision Remains, our Route has Changed

Farewell, Subscriptions

As we embark on the new year, the biggest change will be saying "good-bye" to our subscription program. We are so happy to have launched in 2020 and been able to support so many kids, families, and educators with our monthly adventure kit subscription program. Why? As we continue to respond to the changing and challenging small business environment, we are scaling back on the number of products we carry so that we can reinvest into areas where we can make the most impact as well as explore new product development opportunities! YEAH!

Ready for Retail: Coming to a Store Near You

Although our route has changed, our mission still stands - to get kids and families OUTDOORS MORE OFTEN! We are working with over 300+ retail locations across North America to deliver adventure kits, gear and guides at your favourite stores near you! Check out ourWHERE TO BUY map.

You will still be able to purchase all our awesome products through our newly revamped website!

A Focus on Education

Wildlife outdoor adventure kits for kids offer extensive educational benefits. Each kit has built-to-last outdoor gear, games, and activities to build resilience, independence, and leadership. Ideal for kids 6-12+ Great for homeschooling or just getting outdoors more often. Each themed kit comes with an educational Field Guide written by a team of teachers, educators, outdoor experts, and parents. You'll find alignment to cross-curricular subjects from grades 1-6 as well as NGSS identified in each kit. They are built for the backyard or the back country and can be adapted for warm or cold weather climates.

They encourage active learning through exploration and interaction with nature, helping children understand ecological concepts and environmental responsibility. These kits often include tools for identification and observation, fostering skills in scientific inquiry and discovery. Further, they promote physical activity, problem-solving skills, and creativity, as children navigate through the wilderness. By engaging with the world outside textbooks, kids learn to appreciate and respect the intricacies of wildlife, instilling a lifelong passion for conservation and sustainability.

Appreciation for Wild Life Supporters

None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the steadfast support of our community. Your unwavering enthusiasm, feedback, and testimonials are the lifeblood that courses through the veins of Wild Life. We cherish every interaction and treat each relationship as an evolving partnership. You are more than just supporters; you are co-authors of our story, co-architects of our future.

As the year draws to a close, I extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you. Your support in our vision and your commitment to getting our kids outdoors more often!

Conclusion: Looking Forward to the Future

The terrain of 2023 definitely challenges us to navigate the peaks and valleys; we emerge, not unscathed, but strengthened and impassioned.

More than ever, I believe that the Wild Life is not just a company—it is a way of life.

Here's to a wild and exhilarating year ahead!

Jenelle Peterson

CEO and Founder, Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

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