The Best Nature Craft for Kids Valentines

Valentines shmalentines, right? Instead of cards and chocolates this year, give hallmark a break and get creative with some fun outdoor-spired crafts and gifts for those special people in your life.

Wild Flower Plantable Valentines

What if you could have your card and plant it too! We made seed paper from our Wild Life wildflower seeds found in Kit No. 7 "Let it Grow".

DIY Seed Paper

We used shredded flyers, but any recycled paper will do, the smaller the pieces the better. You can hand mix if you have cut the pieces small enough. We used a blender to speed up the process, be sure to add LOTS of water, you want a pulp consistency. We added a couple drops of food colouring for a pink-ish colour but you could also try using natural colouring found in berries or flower petals.

DIY seed paper

Put your pink pulp mixture into a strainer and add your wild flower seeds. Squeeze out all the excess moisture.

DIY seed paper\

Flatten out your pulp mixture onto a cookie sheet. We recommend putting a piece of cheese cloth or parchment paper underneath so it doesn't stick to your cookie sheet.

DIY Heart Shaped wild flower paper for Valentines

Once dry you can cut into any shape you want! 

Plantable wild flower valentine card

You can download a template to create your own special valentines. If you don't have time to make the seed paper, get creative with sticks and rocks - it doesn't take much to make someone smile 🥰

Nature Valentines



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