The Wild | Life Outdoor Adventures is a Canada’s Total Mom Pitch TOP 5

We’re excited to announce we are TOP 5 in the Total Mom Show Canada’s Total Mom Pitch, selected from more than 730 applicants across the nation.

The program supports a community of Canadian women and moms who are achieving their entrepreneurial goals.

“It’s an honour to be recognized among so many female movers and shakers with such drive and passion to grow their businesses while raising their families,” says The Wild | Life Outdoor Adventures President Jenelle Peterson.

A mom herself, and someone whose own life balance has often been at odds - the move to quit her full time job and pursue this entrepreneurial endeavour has perhaps been launched at just the right time. “We want to enable kids and parents to spend more quality time outdoors, whether they’re in their backyard or in the backcountry,” said Peterson. 

Jenelle Peterson Top 5 Wild Life Total Mom Pitch

As a top 5 finalist, we have a chance to win $30,000 in cash and business services, as well as get access to grants, funding, mentorship and other resources. This would enable us to expand our offerings, enter new markets and scale so that more children can have the opportunity to learn lifelong skills from the outdoors. 

Stephanie Buchan, a teacher with the Calgary Board of Education and The Wild | Life Curriculum Director says, “I have always believed in the power of experiencing your learning. I believe that when learning is authentic, kids are better able to buy into and connect with the content.” With a range of
age-appropriate activities designed in partnership with academic subject-matter experts to mirror Canadian curriculum, Buchan believes that “ The Wild | Life kits facilitate the development of incredibly transferable and everlasting skills – skills that allow kids to not only thrive outdoors, but in the classroom and other areas of their lives.”

Global News Calgary recently highlighted Peterson as one of the Top 5 Finalist.

In March 2020 The Wild | Life Outdoor Adventures launched. Peterson reflected on her company’s journey so far: “We all cherish the outdoor time we enjoyed as kids, but sometimes our lives can make it challenging to get our kids’ outside.” The Wild | Life's mission is to get kids outdoors more often by teaching real-life skills, challenging kids and allowing them to build confidence and a lifelong
relationship with nature. “We are all born with a spark of curiosity, our goal is to ignite that spark into a lifelong flame,” said Peterson.

Join us for the March 15th LIVE streamed FINALE! 

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