Night Quest Voyager Education Guide

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You will automatically receive this as a FREE download with purchase of any Outdoor Adventure Kit. These guides were built to compliment our adventure kits- they are ideal for parents and educators.

We've worked together with our educators and curriculum team to create a simple guide for each of our Outdoor Adventure Kits that clearly show you:

Competency alignment to our core pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Resiliency
  • Creativity

Prompts and Questions:

We've compiled prompts to explore the outdoor skills learned through the activities in each kit. You will find questions to probe kids for a deeper understanding of the learning they've experienced. We provide guidance for how you may observe kids learning.

Curriculum Alignment:

Concise alignment to core themes from curriculum from grades 1 - 6.

Clear NGSS (National General Science Standards) alignment from the skills and activities outlined in our interactive field guides/activity booklets that are included with each Adventure Kit!

Digital Download Product

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