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Stick-Lets Expansion Pack - 10-Piece Camouflage Set

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The colors included in the 10-piece Camouflage Set were inspired by the beauty of the forest. These connectors are the same designs and have the same stretchiness as the STICK-LETS® you find in Kit No. 4 " Take Cover".

Take these durable and portable doodads on your next outdoor adventure, whether it’s for family camping, hiking a fourteener, or fort/shelter building in the forest. 

STICK-LETS® are designed to stretch and accommodate sticks up to 3" in diameter. The silicone is durable, safe, and flexible. These connectors are designed to withstand the elements and they can be washed in the dishwasher, top rack.

INCLUDES: 10 connectors, tote bag, design inspiration pamphlet

STICK-LETS®: 2 Black Birch, 4 Terracotta, 4 Evergreen



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