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UV Shelter Craft

In this DIY UV-Shelter craft pac you are challenged to  build a structure to protect an animal craft (made from UV-sensitive beads) from the sun. If the beaded animal changes colour, your shelter did not work and have the opportunity to make improvements. You animals can be a simple snake or snail or a more complex lizard, bunny, or horse!

You can use recyclables to create shelters for their sun-shy pony bead animals, or take your build skills OUTDOORS and make a tiny shelter with all natural materials.

  • 30 x sun-sensitive UV beads 
  • 2 x chenille stems (fancy speak for pipe-cleaners)
  • 4 x goggly eyes (adhesive back - no glue required) 

Note: This item is found in Kit No. 4 "Take Cover"


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