Wild Flower DIY Seed Bomb Kit


Make your own seed bombs with quality OSC (Ontario Seed Company) wildflower seeds. Bring more biodiversity to your yard and attract pollinators! Each kit has everything you need to create 25 dime-sized seed bombs. 

Making seed bombs is equal parts fun and messy! This kit is ideal for teaching, constructing, and crafting with natural materials. 

Kit includes:

  • Dry Red Clay 30g,
  • Soil Packs to rehydrate,
  • Wildflower seeds from OSC,
  • A muslin bag for storage or gifting,
  • and an instruction card.

Toss your seed balls or press part way into soil. Seed bombing is best done right before it rains to help with the germination process. Note: Some seeds require stratification which means they need to go through a cold season before germinating.


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