7 Camping Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed… From The Dollar Store AND MORE.

Camping with the kids: bags exploding, dirt everywhere, cuts and bruises… also the most fun you’ll have all year. Without breaking the bank, we’re bringing you 7 camping hacks you didn’t know you needed - until now.

1. Stackable Boxes: 

Stay organized! Keep your flashlights, campfire essentials, and board games in separate boxes. 

    Storage Containers

    2. Shower Caps: 

    Cover your dirty shoes before you bring them into the tent, or cover bowls and plates at dinner to avoid unwanted bugs. We save the shower camps from hotel stays ;) This is also a great hack for day hikes, if you have muddy boots, you can put shoes in the shower cap so the floor of your vehicle doesn't get muddy.

    Shower Cap Shoe Cover

    3. Plastic Clothesline and Hook: 

    Hang dirty and wet clothes or towels! Just tie this up between two trees. If you're A Wild Life Subscriber, you can use your paracord from Kit No. 5 Safe + Sound. If you can't find clothes hooks/pin - start saving the plastic tabs from your bread bags, you can use them to hang clothes and towels at the camp site!

    Plastic Clothes Line

    Plastic clothesline can be found at local Dollar Stores. 

    Plastic clothes hooks/pins can be found at local Dollar Stores.

    Alternatively, you can use bread tabs and paracord!

    4. Jumbo Plastic Clothesline pins: 

    We know what you’re thinking… this is an obvious after the clothesline - but these double as a great way to secure your table cover to the picnic table. Windy day? No problem. 

    5. First Aid Essentials: 

    For all those cuts and bruises… you’ll want to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Don't forget to RESTOCK First Aid Kits for every adventure. We love the STING RELIEF pads in our Kit No. 5 Safe + Sound Adventure kit.


    6. Glow Sticks! 

    The kids will LOVE them, and it’s a great way to keep track of them in the dark. Find some glow in the dark stars and glow sticks in kit No. 2 Into The Night. Our military grade glow-sticks last up to 24 hours! And don't forget if you store them in the freezer (or cooler) they will keep their glow longer! 

    Glow Sticks

    Don't love the one-time use glow sticks? Try LUMI! Another female founded start-up from here in Canada 🇨🇦.

    A reusable glow stick with a strong magnetic clasp.  Recharge with any light source! Will glow brightly for up to 1 hour and medium-glow for up to 10 hours.

    7. Storage Caddy: 

    These are especially helpful if you have a bit of a walk from your campsite to the eating area! Easy to carry and help keep you organized. And if you're a DIYer you can also use cardboard or tin cans to create your own caddy! 

    Storage Caddy

    BONUS ROUND: here are a few other easy Camping DIY's to try!

    Camping DIY and Camping Hacks

    Is there a camping hack you have in mind that we missed? Comment below! We’d love to hear it.


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