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June 1st is World Reef Awareness Day. Canada may have the most lakes in the world but we do connect to the ocean on 3 sides of our country! The ocean plays a huge role in our lives and so too do the ocean's ecosystems so what are the oceanic habitats in Canada?
Bees are one of the biggest pollinators on our planet and there are more species of bees than birds and mammals combined! But that got us thinking, what other types of bees are there and what do they do? 
The Wild Life Adventures team is THRILLED to be chosen as the winner IN THE UNIQUE PRODUCT category in Avenue Magazines 4th annual MADE IN ALBERTA AWARDS🏆
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When you think of activities to do during the winter months in Canada, you may think of the usual sledding, ice skating, building a snowman, or dog sledding. But how about creating your own Winter Olympics in the backyard or local park?
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The Wild Life Outdoor Adventures shares the journey to the Dragons' Den and a recap after the episode aired. Great insight on the experience and tips for other entrepreneurs who dare to visit the den.

Well friends, if you haven't had a chance to watch the episode, I've included the video below before I write any spoiler alerts. Click on the image below to be directed to Season 16: Episode 2 on CBC Dragon's Den.

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After an 8 month long journey, our TV debut on CBC Dragon's Den will happen this THURSDAY OCTOBER 28th!! As we get closer to our episode airing, I thought I would share a little insight to the journey to the DEN.
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Laura-Jane Shouldice (LJ), joined us September 1 and is filling the role of Community Manager, which will include everything from feeding butterflies, to supporting our customers. and working on exciting new partnerships with like-minded brands. 
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Craft projects don’t have to be reserved for summer.  Crafts using elements from nature can happen in any season.  Bird feeders are welcome at any season as birds are migrating in the fall, feeding their young in the spring, or settling in for a cold winter’s night. And gathering natural treasures all through the year can spark everyone’s imagination.
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The Wild Life Adventures team is THRILLED to be chosen as the winner of the 2021 Tillywig awards for "Parent's Favourite Products". Tillywig noted among many accolades, This wonderful subscription box company delivers to kids' doorsteps each month a different box packed with fun and engaging activities through which youngsters acquire skills well suited to enjoying and exploring the great outdoors."
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For some, camping out in a tent is a privilege. For others, it may be their last resort. Camping out can be a great opportunity to talk to your kids about empathy and understanding of vulnerable neighbours who lack safe shelter, nutritious food, and the health and wellness services that can turn their lives around.
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Taking the kids camping provides many benefits that the typical weekend trip to the water park may not. While staying in a hotel might be fun, being outdoors offers many psychological and physical benefits that promote an overall well-being – for life.

The list of benefits to getting outdoors and camping with your kids is long but let us take a look at four that just might get you to start planning some camping trips this summer.

There is a lot of science going on in your backyard or local park.  As children learn more about the habitants of these spaces, the more they will appreciate nature and have a greater respect for all living creatures.

Let’s explore the wide world of plants, the magical discovery of birds, and the delicious rewards of a backyard wildlife habitat.