Introducing Our New Wild Warden

Wild Life Outdoor Adventures launched in March 2020. To say the last 18 months has been a wild ride would be an understatement. We are a sibling and family-run business and our purpose is to get more kids outdoors more often.

Finding The Right Fit

When your business is built around pillars of passion and purpose, creating the right culture and bringing in the right talent is critical. So many family and friends have rolled up their sleeves and volunteered their time to help us make ends meet. With a busy fall/winter ahead of us, and ambitious goals to continue our growth, we have added in a Community Manager to our team.

Laura-Jane (LJ) Shouldice, joined us September 1 and is filling the role of Community Manager, which will include everything from feeding butterflies, to supporting our customers. and working on exciting new partnerships with like-minded brands. And of course, no one around here gets away without packing a few adventure kits along the way.

LJ's Four-Legged Adventure Pal, Reno who enjoys coming to work at "CAMP"

We are thrilled to welcome her as an official Wild Warden. LJ's professional resume brings years of experience in customer and partner relationships and business development skills. She is creative, and not afraid to tackle any task ahead of her. LJ  has a passion for spending time outdoors and raising kids to have confidence and knowledge outdoors. Welcome!!

Get to Know Our New Wild Warden: 

WL: Why did you want to work here?

LJ: I was helping out as a friend. I had some extra time and just enjoyed the feeling of “Camp”. There is an energy here which makes you want to be creative. To really feel a passion for this team and business to succeed. This was definitely not what I thought my next chapter would entail. I think all of us here at the Wild I Life can say that. I also feel that there is a level of commitment and desire to be a high performer because of the level of respect I have for the team and our relationships.

WL: Best outdoor memory as a kid?

It would definitely be camping and I think because I love food, I may have to say being around the fire using pie irons to make Grill Cheese sandwiches followed by pie iron Apple pies over the fire.

WL: If you were an animal what would you be?

LJ: If I was not a mom I would be a dolphin. I love to socialize and be part of a team. Because I am a mom…… and when in Mom mode….. a lioness. Mess with my kids and I may be using my Wild Life Compass to find a place to hide you.

WL: Why is it important to you that kids get outside?

LJ: ids these days spend so much time on devices. They spend time communicating with various people via these devices even when in the company of friends and family. They are missing out on the relationships and events going on around them. When we are able to leave devices behind and be in nature, we pay much more attention to the world around us. This allows us to experience and learn together.

WL: Favourite Wild Life Kit (or tool)?

Based on the way I usually measure things, I should say the Tape Measure.( I am terrible! I will just say somethings the length of my arm from the tip of my finger to my elbow, or 3 of me. This is a little tidbit I chose not to divulge until I worked here. In reality however, its the Stick-lets. I have even thought about buying them for my adult sister and her husband as they do a lot of camping and hunting.

WL: Favourite outdoor activity?

LJ: Hiking, Horse Back riding, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Paddle boarding

WL: Mountains or ocean?

LJ: I want to say both very badly! However I will have to pick ocean. I love the water.

WL: Who influenced you to spend time in the outdoors?

LJ: We camped a ton as children. Both my parents were always taking us and teaching us. I come by my love of camping and being organized and prepared honestly as we used to refer to my Mom Martha Stewart Camping.

WL: Best parent-hack outdoors with kids?

LJ: When our kids are in the bushes or the misquotes are bad, I put Dryer Sheets on a lanyard and have them wear it around their necks. Helps to keep the bugs away. I also used to love making my kids GOOP. Cornstarch, water and food colouring. Next thing you know you have happy kids and the mess is outside! If you make it in a compostable container you can also just put it right into your green bin when they are done!

Please join us in welcoming a new Wild Warden to the Wild Life family! 

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