5 Kid-Friendly Hiking Activities in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a geographic region in the northwestern United States, bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Range to the east. The area includes the states of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia. 

It is known for its natural beauty, including its forests, mountains, and coastline. The region is known for its mild climate and major cities, including Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. But which kid-friendly hiking activities can people do in the region? Here are some ideas. 

1. Trail Hiking in Rattlesnake Ridge 

There are many beautiful trails to hike in the Pacific Northwest. Many of these trails are family-friendly and offer breathtaking views. For example, Rattlesnake Ridge only takes a short walk to reach the end of the lake or the Rattlesnake Ledge. 

Families can walk together in groups while exploring the area, building relationships as they explore Rattlesnake Ridge's beauty. Meanwhile, the Rattlesnake Ledge is a sight for its sheer rock face from the Rattlesnake Lake. 

2. Exploring Ebey's Landing 

Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve is a perfect stop for your family. It is a nature reserve located on Whidbey Island and includes a lot of history and beautiful scenery. People often visit the Bluff Trail, which leads people directly to the beach. 

There are many sites to see, and there are also many activities to do. For example, you can hike Ebey's Landing Trail or ride a bike through the woods. Families can also take a breather and enjoy a picnic in the woods. Overall, it is a relaxing experience people shouldn't miss. 

3. Take Photos at Lake 22

Lake 22 is a prevalent location for photographers. A forest surrounds the lake, and it is a very peaceful place. It is also top-rated for swimming and fishing. The best time to visit is during the summer when the weather is warm. 

However, it helps to come appropriately dressed while visiting Lake 22. There are various trails in the area where the soil can be wet. Therefore, wearing the correct shoes or boots should prevent people from slipping and hurting themselves. 

4. See Unnamed Falls at Boulder River 

Boulder River is a place where people can see two unnamed waterfalls. Hikers can come to sit around the waters, listen to the gush, and rest for a while. The Boulder River is also an excellent place to stay underneath the trees to cool off.

The best time to visit is when the water levels are lower in the summer. The water level also affects the size of the waterfall. The best time to see a big waterfall is during springtime. Although there are no mountain views, the forest makes up for it.

5. Await Sunrise at Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is where people can see the sun rise and set. The mountain is a must-see when visiting Washington state. The area is also a national park full of wildflowers and wildlife. Overall, it is an ideal place to teach children about the environment.

 People can come to hike the mountain or drive through the national park on their way to another destination. Mount Rainier is also a popular place for people to go and camp. Meanwhile, some people visit the mountain to take pictures of the beauty.


The Pacific Northwest is an ideal region to teach kids about the environment. It is home to some of the world's most beautiful and diverse ecosystems, including rainforests, mountains, and coastlines.

One of the best ways to teach kids about the environment is to take them on hikes and walks through these different ecosystems. They can learn about the various plant and animal species that live there and how they interact with each other.

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