Best Canadian Outdoor Brands for your Kiddos

Long before we WERE a Canadian Outdoor Brand, we loved supporting locally designed and/or manufactured products. Not only could I tell that the products were made with SO MUCH love and attention but supporting local is part of our values.

As parents ourselves, we’ve discovered that things last longer when they’re made with LOVE.  Now, before I dig in and share some of my fave Canadian brands with you, I should mention a couple of things. First off, there are many amazing products made all over the world and even we manufacture some of our goods overseas, we just wanted to share this blog as I thought it would be a great way to highlight some incredible local brands!

Secondly, there’s probably a ton we haven’t mentioned below and we will try to keep adding to this as time goes on - PLEASE share with us YOUR favourite brands. 

Here, in no particular order, are some of our favourite companies we've come across in the kids outdoor space.

1. Chawel

Chawel Changing Towel Kids Outdoor Blanket

MORE than just a towel... Gift your kids the independence to dry off and change clothes all on their own with this quick dry hooded poncho.

Jr. Hybrid HD Chawel is a 100% polyester combination of absorbent, quick dry polyester front and hood with a warm micro-fleece back. Designed for kids ages 4 -10 years old. The Jr. Hybrid keeps kids fully covered and warm while they’re drying off and changing. This gem conveniently packs down into the absorbent carry bag – 19cm x 9cm x 9cm (the size of an Energy drink can)

2. BeBirdz

 BeBirdz Kids Outdoor Camping Sweater Apparel

Based out of Québec, this sister-team got tired of ‘this is for girls and this is for boys’. When it came to options for how to dress kids this all too often translated in lots nauseating pink and boring greige & black. So they created BIRDZto dress happy and offer collections that are in full living color momz, girlz and boyz!

3. Matching Tree Apparel

Matching Family Socks Outdoor Canada

This family-run team believes that every purchase is a vote and these votes matter.  Their clothes use ethically sourced materials while supporting labour on our continent and people here making living wages. Their line of matching socks feature outdoor-inspired designs and come in sizes for baby to adult!

4. Wheat Kids Clothing

Canadian Kids Outdoor Rain Gear

Danish designed clothing designed and based out of Canada! Wheat Kids has the cutest items and the quality is out of this world. The clothing is beautifully designed and crafted and the company is transparent and maintains ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

5. Simply Merino

Kids merino wool Canadian Apparel

The owner of Simply Merino is a mother of two little ones!! Simply Merino and specializes in 100% Organic New Zealand Merino Wool sleep and play wear for babies and children up to age 12.  They design and manufacture all of their products in Vancouver! 

6. Kids Swag

Kids Outdoor Apparel

Kids Swag is a curated boutique that offers one stop shopping of amazing brands that embody a core principle: Mindful Representation.  Their goal is to be your resource in Raising Confident Kids that Love Themselves and Appreciate Difference.

7. Awasis Boutique

Canadian Indigenous Owned Kids Outdoor Apparel

100% Indigenous owned, a mama of two little ones, a woman of Metis + Filipino roots, Christine Marie is the founder of Awasis Boutique. She believes representation matters. By supporting an authentic Indigenous business, you are helping to strengthen Indigenous voices, platforms and communities. The clothes are beautifully designed and the company gives back to community organizations that need it most.

8. Wildwood Eyewear

Kids eco polarized sunglasses Canada

Based out of Vancouver, this company makes eco-friendly sunglasses with polarized lensesfor kids and youth ages 4-12! Quality, stylish, eco-conscious and at a price that wont break the bank. The frames are made with sustainable products like coffee grinds, walnut, wheat straw and bamboo. They're lightweight, comfortable and the high quality TAC polarized lenses provide full UVA and UVB protection

9. Fressy Bessie

Everyone loves a treat – especially a frozen one! But popsicles almost always come with a big dose of sugar and/or artificial ingredients.

Fressy Bessie ice lollies break that mold (no pun intended). They’re made with pureed fruits and veggies and absolutely nothing else – no juice, water, sweeteners of any kind, or preservatives. Kids love them because they’re delicious. Parents love them because they’re healthy (shhh!) and certified organic. And those with dietary restrictions love them because they contain zero added sugar and only 25 calories a pop.

10. Glow Kiddo Glow

Kids Positive Cards

Glow Kiddo Glowaffirmation cards aim to provide opportunities to support, encourage, teach and inspire kiddos to glow from within on their journey of self-discovery; to celebrate differences and infuse each day with love and understanding; to share their beautiful lights into the world to create a better future.

11. My Starry Chart

My Starry Chart

A 3-in-1 Educational Kid's Calendar, Healthy Habits Chart & Skill- Building Game. This Canadian parent team designed My Starry Chartthis tool help parents raise resilient kids with educational tools rooted in education, playfulness and inclusivity. 

12. Spark Journals

Kids Journal Canada
Spark journals are the product of years of development - developing our product, and developing ourselves personally.  It might be a simple step, but it can be powerful.  When you realize that you can shape your beliefs, you can shape your life.  Our hope is that you will use our journals to shape your mindset, instill these strong beliefs in your kids, and impact the world.

13. Discover Coding

Discovery Coding

Founded in Edmonton, Discover Codingwas built to set kids on the path for future success. That is why we started creating coding and technology programs to help more kids develop essential skills to be successful in tomorrow’s digital economy.

14. Rainbow Baby

Rainbow Baby

Canada can have all types of weather, so Rainbow Babywas created to provide a portable heated blanket solution for families. Between running errands or doing an outdoor activity, we also know how difficult it can be to keep everyone warm - and now you can!

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