Wild | Life has earned the 2021 Tillywig Toy Award "Parent's Favourite Product"

Wild Life Outdoor Adventures WINS 2021 Tillywig Award

The Wild Life Adventures team is THRILLED to be chosen as the winner of the 2021 Tillywig awards for "Parent's Favourite Products". 🏆  Congratulations to the entire Wild Life Team & Founderson this amazing accomplishment.

Parent's Favourite Products Tillywig Awards - Wild Life Outdoor Adventures

Tillywig provided this thoughtful and detailed review of the kits we sent them:

"This wonderful subscription box company delivers to kids' doorsteps each month a different box packed with fun and engaging activities through which youngsters acquire skills well suited to enjoying and exploring the great outdoors. Currently there are 12 consecutive uniquely-crafted Monthly Adventure Kits available, the order of which allows each to build on its predecessors. Every package contains colorful printed guides with step-by-step instructions for three different exciting nature Pack-tivities along with fascinating fun facts, learning games and a checklist of the items needed (all of which are typically included in the box). Delightful extras such as merit badge pins and hands-on crafts further amp up kids' excitement and enthusiasm. There is plenty to learn and explore each month, with top-notch components and written content kids find powerfully entertaining. Collectively, this beautifully-executed series of activity-based outdoor adventures constitutes a highly fruitful way for children to gain a lasting appreciation for the many treasures and pleasures nature has to offer."

- Tillywig Toy & Media Awards

Tillywig award 2021 Wild Life Outdoor Adventures


In order to win this prestigious award a product must be determined by Tillywig and any testers we may use to have high entertainment and/or educational value. Products are evaluated on many factors, including:

Ease of First Use

Clear, easy-to-understand instructions and product design are key factors in creating a positive initial experience.

Replay Value

It was fun the first time out, but will it be equally or even more enjoyable over a period of weeks, months...years?


Does it look and feel well-made? Is it something retailers would be proud to have on their shelves, a parent would be proud to give as a gift? Is it, from all appearances, built to last?

Social Interaction/Fun Factor

Products that effectively promote a high level of face-to-face playful interaction receive a high rating from us. If participants laughed out loud, so much the better!


Does it inspire creativity during use/play? Does this product actively fuel the imagination?

Thought Processes/Motor Skills

Does it encourage new ways of thinking or promote physical development?

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